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[testimonialitem]“I was driving home with my family when we were run off the road into a ditch on I-95 by racist thugs intent on harming me and my family. I was forced to take action to protect my family, but a State’s Attorney in Maryland decided to charge me with murder in an attempt to gain political attention. The National Police Defense Foundation worked with my local PBA to ensure that I had all of the appropriate legal tools to defend my case. They were there for me every step of the way and I was fully acquitted. The NPDF saved my life and my career. Instead of writing this from a prison cell, I am writing it as a fully restored and employed law enforcement officer.”[/testimonialitem]
[testimonialitem“In May of 2003 after nine years of marriage to my husband (a New York City Homicide Detective) our son Joseph started having seizures. After extensive testing at Cohen Children’s Hospital and NYU Epilepsy Center he was diagnosed with a rare illness called Tuberous Sclerosis. The illness caused benign tumors to grow on his brain, causing him to have uncontrolled seizures. After exhausting all combinations of medications without success, the National Police Defense Foundation and Operation Kids were instrumental in gaining us access to a cutting edge brain surgery at NYU Hospital. The surgery to remove Joseph’s tumors was conducted when he was three years old. He is now 14 years old, has overcome many obstacles related to his illness and is able to attend school. Joseph and Angela Occhipinti and the NPDF Operation Kids Program have been unwavering in their support.”[/testimonialitem]
[testimonialitem]“I was falsely accused and charged with a crime I didn’t commit. I unsuccessfully sought help from government agencies and local politicians. The situation looked very bleak for me and my family until the National Police Defense Foundation got involved in my case. They conducted an independent investigation, provided invaluable assistance to my legal defense team and supplied the results to both government officials and the public. Ultimately I was completely exonerated and restored to my career.”[/testimonialitem]