Support Services


The NPDF’s mission statement is to “Protect & Support” the interests of law enforcement officers. Too often, dedicated law enforcement officials are victimized by criminal elements that fabricate allegations of misconduct. When the NPDF suspects that an officer is being unjustly prosecuted or has been falsely convicted it will support the efforts of the officer for complete vindication. The NPDF will also consider establishing a legal defense fund wherein 100% of the tax-deductible donations can go to the officer’s defense. The NPDF has been credited for exposing many of these injustices on national news programs, such as 60 Minutes, NBC Dateline, Fox News, CNN, among others.


The NPDF is nationally renowned for providing free medical and psychological services to law enforcement officials who have become disabled in the line of duty. The NPDF will periodically establish upon request a medical fund to help the officer pay outstanding medical debt.  Due to the serious increase of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) and police suicides, the NPDF has an affiliation with the “COP 2 COP” program which offers free confidential counseling to active and retired law enforcement and public safety officers via a 24/7 hotline.

Operation Kids

The “Operation Kids” program is a multi-faceted NPDF child safety program that (1) distributes free child fingerprint/DNA kits to parents (2) sponsors youth athletic events (3) posts periodic rewards on missing and kidnapped children (4) issues annual scholarships (5) funds Project Pedophile and (6) arranges lifesaving operations and medical treatment for critically ill children worldwide. This program was personally endorsed by John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted and profiled on the “CBS Early Show”.

Project Pedophile

The NPDF “Operation Kids” program also established “Project Pedophile” in order to address the serious increase of pedophile activity on the Internet that has been victimizing our children. The program will reward any child with a $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond for information that leads to the federal arrest and conviction of any pedophile operating on the internet.

Safe Cop Program

Entered into the “Congressional Record” in 1995, the NPDF trademarked “Safe Cop” program is nationally renowned for posting up to a $10,000 rewards for public information that results in the arrest and conviction of anyone who shoots a member law enforcement officer, anywhere in the United States. The posting of the Safe Cop reward has been instrumental in bringing to justice several cop killers nationwide.

The “Safe Cop” program was also expanded to provide critical medical care and counseling to disabled law enforcement personnel worldwide. The NPDF will periodically establish a medical fund for the disabled officer or an immediate family member when they are financially unable to pay for medical treatment or have outstanding medical debt.

It should be noted, the “Safe Cop” was credited for providing free grief counseling, emergency financial assistance, meals, lodging and supplies for many of the police and first responder victims of the September 11th terrorist attack. In the memory of the police officials killed on September 11th, the NPDF commissioned a world renowned sculptor who created the “September 11th Police Memorial”, which is located in Orange County, New York.

Save A K-9 Officer Program

The “Save a K-9 Officer” program is a “Safe Cop” law enforcement initiative that addresses the serious increase of armed assaults on K9 police dogs. The program will provide upon request donated bullet proof vests to law enforcement agencies. This program is administered and funded by the NPDF Deputy Sheriffs & Peace Officers Coalition.

Save A First Responder

This “Save a First Responder” program is a new “Safe Cop” law enforcement initiative that addresses the serious increase of assaults on first responders that include Police, Fire and EMS personnel. The “Save a First Responder” program will post up to a $10,000 reward for public information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who commits a criminal act that results in a line of duty death of a first responder. This program is funded and administered by the NPDF Firefighters & EMS foundation. (