Retired NYPD Sergeant needs your help!

Sergeant Leopold Poje, (left) with his father, and brother

Please help if you can.  Retired NYPD Sergeant Leopold Poje (Shield 695) is currently suffering from Stage 4 Kidney failure.  He will need a new Kidney within a year. Sergeant Poje has blood type A+.  He suffers from multiple other issues including A-fib, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes.

He joined the force in January of 1982 and left police work in August of 2002.  The first precinct he worked in was Midtown South.  In 1987, he made Sergeant.  He also served in the 81th, 28th, the Police Academy, and the Chief of Patrol office.  In addition, he oversaw six detectives in the Manhattan Warrant Squad of the Detectives Bureau.  Prior to joining the NYPD, he received both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree from LIU Post.   He started his PhD program at University of Albany.  He is highly decorated and received more than a dozen commendations.  He and his partner are credited with rescuing a baby from a burning building.  He served during 9/11l, most of the time in the morgue, where he assisted in identifying people’s remains and notifying the families.  He responded to the crash at Belle Harbor, Queens as well. 

Sergeant Poje comes from a family of police officers.  His father retired as a Captain and his brother as a Sergeant of the NYPD. 

Sergeant Leopold Poje is trying to locate a possible Kidney donor.  Again, he is blood type A+.  If you can help, or if you know someone who can, please contact his son, Cole Poje at 516-672-0371. 

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