It is the procedure of the Safe Cop program that the NPDF is immediately notified when there is an armed assault or shooting death of a law enforcement officer and the suspect is either at large or unidentified. The NPDF immediately contacts the appropriate Police Chief or high ranking official to offer the $10,000 Safe Cop reward. Often the suspect is subsequently arrested or killed by the police without public information and the reward is rescinded. The foregoing are descriptions of $10,000 Safe Cop rewards that have been posted by the NPDF at an official department press conference or media interview. It should be noted that these Safe Cop reward posting is credited for the NPDF in developing important police liaison nationwide since 1995.


Philadelphia P.O.  Michael P. Campbell Fairfield NJ P.O. Veneziano
Wayne Township P.O. Brian Worell Maryland Trooper Wesley Brown
Tampa P.O. David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab Norfolk VA P.O. Edward Decker
Philadelphia P.O. Moses Walker, Jr. Cobb County GA Deputy Donny Rogers
Philadelphia P.O. Frederick Cione Norfolk P.O. Edward Decker
Greenland NH Police Chief Michael Maloney Darien CT P.O. Kenneth Bateman
San Francisco Sgt. Brian McDonnell Maywood IL P.O. Thomas Wood
Anaheim KY K-9 Officer Bruno Waldwick NJ P.O. Christopher Goodell
Orlando Deputy Nadine Erickson LAPD P.O. Fred Earley
LAPD Michael Edwards  Dayton P.O. Kevin Brame
Puerto Rico Lt. Jose Cordova Puerto Rico S/A Soto-Velez
PA Trooper Byron Dickson Perryopolis PA P.O. Richard
Cook County Deputy Cuauhtemoc Estrada ATF S/A John Capuno
P.A. Trooper Paul G. Rickey Bardstown KY P.O. Jason Ellis
Philadelphia Moses Walker NYC Correction Officer Henry Wright
Americus GA Inspector Nicholas Smarr Georgia P.O. Jody Smith
Mahomet P.O. Jeremy Scharlow  Auburn MA P.O. Ronald Tarentino
San Diego P.O. Jonathan DeGuzman Travis County Sgt. Craig Hutchinson
San Antonio P.O. Benjamin Macroni Johnson City Deputy Sonny Smith