On September 11, 2013, the NPDF convinced the US Consul General at Santo Domingo to issue a medical visa for one-year-old Scarling Cabrera who had been legally blind since birth. In March 2013, the NPDF learned of the plight of Baby Scarling while coordinating security for a team of surgeons from NY Eye and Ear Infirmary who successfully performed over two hundred free eye surgeries in Santiago. One of the surgeons, Dr. Campolatarro asked if the NPDF could secure a visa for Baby Scarling to come to the United States since her case was complicated and surgery could not be performed in the Dominican Republic. Also, if the NPDF could underwrite the cost for their transportation, lodging and related per-diem expenses.
Applicant agreed, and on September 9, 2013 brought Baby Scarling and her mother to the United States where Scarling underwent two complex surgeries that successfully restored her eye sight. In January 2014, the NPDF return to her country and brought Baby Scarling to the United States for a third operation. On October 2, 2013, Baby Scarling returned to the Dominican Republic with new hopes and dreams for her future. Through the NPDF’s efforts, she will now be able to attend a regular school, ride a bike, play catch and enjoy the joys of life as a child with vision.

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