On March 17, 2016, the parents of eight-year-old JohnPaul Miskell of East Brunswick, New Jersey met with the NPDF and asked for his assistance since their son suffers from severe autism and has daily seizures. The family believed that obtaining a service dog that specializes with autistic children would effectively detect the seizures before it happens and help minimize the child’s autistic outbursts. The parents explained they went to several non-profit foundations who wanted to charge them $18,000 for a service dog with certain stipulations. The first being it would take over two years to train the dog and the family would have to independently raise donations through their website. In the event, the parents failed to raise the needed funds, the foundation would keep the donations that was raised thus far. The NPDF agreed to help and purchased a $2,000 pedigree dog that will undergo training for certification as a service dog.

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