In December 2006, the NPDF convinced the US Consul General at Guayaquil to issue a medical visa for five-year-old Denny Benavides who has a severe case of scoliosis and heart related problems. In January, 2007, the NPDF transported Dennys to the Children’s Hospital of Montefiore Medical Center (NYC) where he underwent an extensive orthopedic and cardiac evaluation. At the time, Dr. Sharan determined he was not a candidate for surgery and recommended he be re-evaluated after he grows in height and gains some weight. In 2011, the NPDF provided Dr. Sharan with updated medical records relevant to Dennys’ growth, spinal curvature, heart and breathing issues and was told to postpone the surgery for now. During the interim, the NPDF obtained a body brace to prevent further curvature of the spine. The NPDF has continued to monitor Dennys medical condition and provide annual financial assistance to Benavides family who lived in poverty. Due to recent developments, the NPDF will be returning to Ecuador to arrange an emergency operation in that country.

Dennys Benavides Today

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