Let’s have a moment of silence for slain NYPD Police Officers Rafael Ramos  and Wenjin Liu who were assassinated in the line of duty on December 20, 2014.
The American public has seen the serious influence that “social media” has in the recruitment of home grown terrorists and now we see increased “anti-police” rhetoric that encourages the assassination of police officials.
It is critical for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement who are fighting the daily war on crime to be extra prudent in performing their sworn duties.
It has not been a good time for law enforcement when compared to past decades. It is clear that certain police critics, media entities and elected officials have their own agenda and have forgotten the sacrifices made by public safety officers during September 11th.
In our continued effort to “protect & support” law enforcement, the National Police Defense Foundation plans to expand the congressionally “Safe Cop” program to include the posting of up to $10,000 cash reward for public information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who makes terroristic threats on social media networks to assassinate law enforcement officials nationwide