In Memory of Detective Anthony J. Venditti Click here for PDF

On July 15, 2016, NPDF Officials attended the NYPD christening ceremony and dedication of Harbor Launch #454 in memory of slain Detective Anthony j. Venditti. The ceremony started with an invocation by Deputy Chief Msgr. Robert J. Romano that included a moment of silence for the terrorist attack that occurred the day before in Nice followed by the National Anthem of France.

The key note speaker was Police Commissioner William J. Bratton who was later followed by Harbor Unit Commanding Officer David Driscoll.  Mrs. Anna Vendetti, the slain detectives mother, eloquently thanked Commissioner Bratton for approving the launch dedication which had been pending for several years.

It should be noted, Mrs. Venditti is a special “Survivor of the Shield” who volunteers her time serving on numerous fraternal police organizations that include the New York State Shields, Survivors of the Shield, among others and was the past “Woman of the Year” for the National Police Defense Foundation.

According to the program, “On the night of January 21st, 1986, Detective Anthony J. Venditti, assigned to the Organized Crime Control Bureau, was conducting an investigation into the activities of known organized crime members in the area of Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood Queens. During the investigation, Det. Venditti was confronted in a sudden encounter, with three organized crime members that he was surveilling. Without warning they opened fire. Detective Venditti was shot multiple times and mortally wounded. Harbor Launch #454 is dedicated in his name and will proudly patrol the waterways of New York City in honor of his bravery and service”.