The NPDF held a free legal defense seminar at Russo’s on the Bay, Howard Beach, N.Y on March 6, 2018. The focus of this seminar was to discuss the complexities of the Law Enforcement Officers Security Act (LEOSA), which authorizes active, retired and separated law enforcement officials the authority to carry a firearm anywhere in the United States. 

Guest speakers included renowned criminal defense attorney and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael T. Cornacchia who discussed the potential exposure to criminal prosecution when officers are involved in an off duty police related shooting. The second speaker was NPDF Chief Legal Counsel Alan E. Wolin who discussed the civil and administrative exposure officers may face when taking police action with their weapon out of state. The third expert speaker was the CEO of Safety Quest LTD Roland Grant who explained in detail the LEOSA’s mandate to qualify with their firearms on an annual basis. In attendance, were active and retired federal, state, county and local law enforcement officers.  This legal defense seminar was funded by the NPDF Safe Cop program.

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