Dear NPDF Member & Supporter:

The National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF), a congressionally recognized and IRS designated non-profit organization would like to bring to your attention the plight of our brother and sister Police Officers in Puerto Rico who are in desperate need of our help after the devastating earthquakes that shook the island in January of this year.

On January 6, 2020, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, struck the southwest of the island only to be followed by a 6.4 the following day. And which as our Police Officers, putting their own families and loved ones aside to assist the citizens of Puerto Rico, another quake measuring 5.9 struck again on January 11. Since then more earthquakes and aftershocks have been decimating and devastating the island keeping our brothers and sisters on the job 24/7making sure their citizens are okay.

Now, after tending to their duties, the law enforcement community of Puerto Rico have returned to their families and what is left of their homes to try and pick up the pieces literally and figuratively to get their lives back on track. But in order to do so our help is ESSENTIAL!

Thanks to the efforts of Middletown FOP Treasurer Silfredo Rivera, we are in touch with our brother and sisters in Puerto Rico and NPDF has pledged to assist by establishing a fund to help these officers rebuilt their homes.

The NPDF urges all its members and supporters to make a tax-deductible donation to the fund we have set up. Please know every dollar well be given to help this cause and no administrative fees will be taken from the contributions.

So please use the PayPal Donation Button below or call 1-888-SAFE COP to make your tax-deductible donation. Donations can also be mailed to the NPDF headquarters located at 21 Kilmer Drive Bldg. 2-Suite F Morganville NJ, 07751. Major credit cards are accepted.

Joseph Occhipinti

Founder & Executive Director

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