The NPDF has officially registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office the September 11th Police Memorial, which has been completed by world renowned sculptor Franco Minervini. The statue is a 14 foot wall of Indiana limestone that features a forcefully carved American Flag unfurled like a protective blanket against the twin World Trade Center. To its right, a full length statue of a Police Officer standing at attention with a police dog at his side. It will serve as a memorial to recognize the police heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th.

The State of New Jersey has graciously offered to donate to the NPDF an acre of land at the PNC Art Center, Holmdel NJ to house the memorial, which would be adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial. The NPDF will be making the final arrangements for its transfer to the site; however, much work is still needed such as securing the necessary permits, architectural and engineering plans to construct the foundation and site renovations.

Photo Sketch of Police Memorial

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