On Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 Puerto Rico was hit by a devastating Category 4 hurricane.  Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico with drenching rains and 150 mph winds.  The resulting damage was extensive.  The island lost power & water supplies.  In some hardest hit areas, these essential things will not be back in working order for months to come.  Groceries and basic necessities are very scarce on the entire island.

NPDF Executive Director, Joseph Occhipinti, felt compelled to do something.  He reached out to help our NPDF member, Ricardo Cardona, who lives there.  Mr. Cardona gave the NPDF a list of items that he and his family can really use, but are not readily available.  Items such as flashlights, battery operated fans, gas powered stoves, and batteries were badly needed.  These items have now been purchased and are on their way to him at no cost to Mr. Cardona.

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