Morganville, NJ, January 20, 2020:

The National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF), a congressionally recognized and IRS designated 501 (c) (3) police organization is the proud sponsor of the “Safe Cop” program.

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 The Safe Cop program was established in 1995 to address the serious increase of armed assaults on law enforcement officials nationwide. The Safe Cop program posts a $10,000 reward for public information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who shoots at a law enforcement officer, anywhere in the United States. This program is credited for the arrest and conviction of numerous defendants nationwide found guilty of killing law enforcement officials.

 This important NPDF law enforcement initiative is funded through pubic donations, membership, grants and revenue from their Safe Cop organizational license plate program that is available in the States of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

 Any person can apply for Safe Cop license plates providing they are the registered owner of the vehicle, have a good driving record and are a NPDF dues paying member. The annual dues for civilians who want to become an “Associate Member” is $160 per year, plus the one-time charge for the DMV license plates. The NPDF encourages membership within the immigrant communities in hopes of developing positive police relations.

 The NPDF is pleased to announce that there is a new color design on the New York and New Jersey organizational “Safe Cop” license plates.  

For further information on how to become a NPDF Member and order Safe Cop license plates, please call the Membership Processing Center at 888-SAFE COP.


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