On June 12, 2013, the National Police Defense Foundation established a legal defense fund for Hudson County Prosecutors Office (NJ) Detective Joseph Walker. This 18 year police veteran was indicted for first degree murder in Maryland for the shooting death of Joseph Harvey, Jr. A preliminary review by the NPDF disclosed credible evidence that the deceased and another assailant reportedly tried to run Det. Walker’s family van off the road with his with his wife and three children in the car.

The assailants who had a history of prior arrests reportedly made racial slurs against the detective who is African-American. When the detective stopped his vehicle to examine damage from a thrown bottle, the assailants according to witness reports reportedly tried to assault the detective. In fear of the safety of his family and self, Det. Walker took appropriate police action and shot and killed Mr. Harvey. The request for legal assistance came from the Executive Board of the New Jersey State PBA Local 232 of which Det. Walker is a long-time member. Det. Walker is being represented by NPDF Legal Counsel Michael T. Cornacchia. The NPDF has established a website for the Det. Walker’s Legal Defense Fund. (justicefordetectivewalker.com)
Detective Joseph Walker, Joe an 18 year law enforcement veteran, who has been selectively charged with First Degree Murder in Maryland after taking appropriate off-duty police action to defend his wife, three children and himself.
The nightmare began on June 9, 2013 when Joe was traveling home from a family trip to Millersville, Maryland. Det. Walker was in his family mini-van with his wife and three children, one of which is autistic. While making a left hand turn to enter onto a highway, the driver of another vehicle perceived that Joe had cut him-off. In response, the driver, who was white, began shouting obscenities and racial epithets at Joe and his family, who are black, and demanded he pull the mini-van over to the side of the road.

In an effort to diffuse the situation, Joe identified himself as a police officer, and undertook an evasive maneuver to divert the aggressive driver into another roadway while Det. Walker continued driving on the highway.
Eventually, Joe was forced off the road by the other car and abruptly came to a rest on the shoulder. The other vehicle also pulled-over, stopping about 150’ ahead of the Walker family mini-van. Two men then exited the car, and proceeded to charge at Joe, traversing the 150’ between the vehicles. Joe stepped out of his minivan, remained by his family as the men approached. Joe, in an effort to protect his wife and children identified himself as a police officer, drew his service weapon and ordered the men to stop. The passenger in that car later confirmed to police that the driver was intent on assaulting Joe and failed to heed his warning, and continued advancing towards him. Joe discharged his weapon, striking and killing the driver, whose body lay more than 6’ from the minivan. The passenger was unharmed. As this was unfolding Joe’s wife called 911 for help!
The Maryland State Police initially charged Det. Walker with Second Degree Murder. The State’s Attorney General for Anne Arundel County, however, charged the Grand Jury for First Degree Murder, which Det. Walker now faces, a charge which, if convicted, Joe will face imprisonment for life.
The purpose of this page is to request a tax deductible donation to the “Det. Joseph Walker Legal Defense Fund.” Not only is Det. Walker facing mounting legal fees, but is currently suspended without pay during the proceedings.

Please find it in your heart to support Det. Walker and know that 100% of your donation will go directly to his legal defense efforts.

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