Owning a gun can come with a lot of unforeseen accidents or injuries. If you have a concealed carry permit, you never know when you might come across an incident where you must
use your firearm for personal defense

The implications of a self-defense shooting can include:

• Expense of posting bail bonds to stay out of prison as your case unfolds
• Confiscation of your weapons until the resolution of the situation (assuming the outcome is in your favor)
• Loss of income due to the potential for incarceration and the inability to work
• Numerous court appearances
• Prohibitive costs associated with retaining legal services
• Civil litigation leading to an unfavorable judgment resulting in thousands of dollars in damages

Why You Need Concealed Carry Insurance

Concealed carry insurance, also known as CCW or firearm liability insurance, is a form of low-cost coverage that provides legal protection if you use your registered firearm in a self-defense situation. As more people carry firearms to keep themselves and their families safe, an increasing number of gun owners are considering the purchase of this insurance. Many policies also provide coverage for civil court proceedings, such as when you are the target of a lawsuit filed by an involved party.

How Does Firearm Liability Insurance Work?

The level and type of CCW coverage will vary based on the policy and the limits you choose. In some cases, the carrier will provide upfront funds for your legal defense in the wake of a gun-related self-defense incident. Other insurers will only compensate you upon the resolution of your case. Coverage amounts vary widely and some policies might offer much higher limits than others.
Depending on the policy, you can also cover costs such as bail bonds, income interruption, attorney retainer fees, firearm replacement, and more. An experienced CCW insurance partner like XINSURANCE can help you determine the optimal coverages and amounts for your situation.

About Concealed Carry Insurance Coverage from Associated Consulting Group

To ensure that you and your assets are completely covered, Associated Consulting Group offers customized Firearms Liability and Concealed Carry Insurance that will cover gaps that most individual personal policies have so that
you can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

Disclaimer: This policy may not be offered in every state (such as NJ, NY, and
WA) depending on applicable state and local laws. Please contact us for more

What You Need to Know

The following answers to frequently asked questions about firearm liability insurance will give you a better understanding of what it is and why you need it:

Is carrying concealed weapon insurance a legal requirement?

Currently, none of the 50 states have laws mandating that concealed gun owners carry liability insurance. However, laws are subject to change, especially with the increasing focus on gun control. Not having insurance places, you at a substantial financial risk.

Will my homeowners’ insurance provide any protection for a self-defense shooting?

While the liability portion of a typical homeowners’ or renters’ policy covers injuries and property damage sustained by others, it does not apply to “intentional acts” involving the use of a firearm. Most policies exclude coverage in these situations, even in self-defense situations. Some plans do provide some coverage for injuries and damages resulting from the use of “reasonable force” by the
policyholder. However, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Is concealed carry insurance expensive?

CCW is one of the least costly forms of insurance protection on the market. Depending on the coverages and limits you select, you can get a comprehensive policy for only a few hundred dollars per year. When you consider that it could save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid jail time, these plans offer a cost effective solution.

What perks are available with concealed carry insurance?

A firearm liability insurance plan can offer much more than legal liability protection. Policies are available that include training opportunities with a focus on safety and education. Examples include weekly training drills, life-savingn checklists, access to online video libraries and interactive “ask an attorney” features where you can chat with experienced lawyers about gun-related legal

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