Executive Director Joseph Occhipinti will be traveling on March 26, 2014 to bring 18 month old Scarling Cabrera from Santiago, Dominican Republic to the United States for her final eye surgery.

Baby Scarling was legally blind at birth due to bilateral cataracts and underwent eye surgery in September 2013 at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary that restored her eyesight. The complex surgery was performed pro bono by nationally renowned eye surgeon, Dr. Brian Campolattaro.

On March 30, 2014, Baby Scarling and her mom will return to the United States with NPDF Executive Director Joseph Occhipinti to receive her final eye surgery. Scarling will begin her pre-operative care on March 31, 2014. On April 3, 2014, Dr. Campolattaro will perform a procedure necessary to realign her eyes and maximize her binocularity. This will enable Baby Scarling to have more control over her eye movements. She will then be medically cleared to travel back home to Santiago, Dominican Republic on April 8.

The plight of Baby Scarling came to the attention of the NPDF Executive Director while he was on a humanitarian mission in Santiago, Dominican Republic with Dr. Campolattaro in March 2013. Dr. Campolatarro and other medical professionals had performed hundreds of free eye surgeries and were unable to help Baby Scarling since her  case was complicated. Dr. Campolatarro asked for the assistance of the NPDF’s Operation Kids program to help bring Baby Scarling to the United States for the proposed surgeries. The NPDF secured the necessary visas and funded the entire cost of travel, lodging and related expenses for both trips to the United States.

The Operation Kids program, a congressionally recognized child safety initiative of the National Police Defense Foundation, is credited for arranging numerous lifesaving operations for critically and severely handicapped ill children worldwide. The program demonstrates law enforcement’s commitment to protect our children from criminal elements and life threatening illnesses.

For further information contact NPDF Executive Director Joseph Occhipinti at 732-617-2330 or cellular, 732-616-9600.
Dr. Brian Campolattaro can be contacted at 212-684-3980.

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