The National Police Defense Foundation has received public inquiries whether there is an affiliation with the “OK Foundation” which is based in Utah and also operates an “Operation Kids” program.
Please note that there is no relationship and consumers may be confused when wanting to make tax-donations to the NPDF Operation Kids program.
The NPDF Operation Kids program was established in 1999 and has been the recipients of numerous international humanitarian awards and has been recognized state legislatures and congressional representatives.
The NPDF Operation Kids different initiatives include funding (1) youth athletic events (2) distributes Operation Kids child fingerprint & DNA kits (3) posts reward on the safe recovery of missing and kidnapped children (4) grants annual scholarships, (5) fund the “SafeNet” program to help prosecute and convict on-line pedophiles who victimize children and (5) arranges life saving operations and medical treatment for critically ill children worldwide.
The NPDF has no active nationwide professional fundraising campaign, for the exception of the State of New Jersey.

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