It’s difficult to believe that 15 years has passed since the terrorist bombing on September 11th. We all can remember that day and what we were doing when we heard the news of the terrorist attack. It was that same sense of horror what Americans felt when they heard the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

The 9/11 attack, presented me with the dilemma of what the NPDF must do in response to this attack. I immediately mobilized our volunteer medical professionals and police psychologists to respond to ground zero, where for weeks they cared for the rescue workers, who were suffering from the trauma of the attack. When I learned that hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country were responding to New York City, the NPDF arranged and funded free housing for those officers at area hotels. The outlining checkpoints at the New York-New Jersey bridges and tunnels needed meals, so the NPDF assured that those officers from the New Jersey State Police, Port Authority Police and other departments received hot meals daily.

Over the past 15 years many of us have healed from the psychological trauma of 9/11. As I reflect upon the 15th Anniversary of this unprecedented tragedy, I know that the National Police Defense Foundation effectively accomplished its mission in helping to “protect and support” law enforcement in their time of need.

I  humbly request that you take a moment of silence before or after watching this special remembrance video “You Where There” (A Tribute to the Fallen)

Joseph Occhipinti
Founder & Executive Director