Phillip P. Scala

Philip P. Scala (02/28/08)
Supervisory Special Agent, Organized Crime Branch, Criminal Division

Philip P. Scala was born August 15, 1950 in Queens, New York where he attended Archbishop Molloy High School. He graduated from St. John’s University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and in 1974 with a Master of Business Administration in accounting. In 1996, he completed his studies toward a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from New York University.

In 1974 Mr. Scala received a United States Army regular commission, as a Distinguished Graduate of the Army Reserve Officer Training Program at St. John’s University. He graduated from the Airborne, Ranger, and Pathfinder Schools (Honor Graduate) at the Fort Benning Infantry school, and served with the First of the Sixth Infantry, First Armored Division, in the Federal Republic of Germany (1974-1977). Captain Scala served five years as an Infantry Officer and resigned his commission, upon receiving a position as a Special Agent of the FBI, in April of 1979.

Upon completion of training at the FBI Academy, Mr. Scala was assigned to the Criminal Division of the New York Office. He served in numerous assignments within the Organized crime branch and was sent to the Defense language Institute in Monterey, California to gain proficiency in the Italian/ Sicilian languages. Mr. Scala participated in the investigations of the La Cosa Nostra Commission, the murder of Paul Castellano, Sammy Gravano, Neil Dellacroce, and John J. Gotti. He served five years in numerous undercover positions in the national security and criminal divisions.

Mr. Scala served 15 years in the New York SWAT team, including the leadership of the Brooklyn-Queens team and Senior team leader for the New York Division from 1990-1995. His training included certifications as Rappel-Master, Tactical Instructor, Sniper, and Firearms instructor. He has participated in numerous SWAT operations, arrests, skyjackings and raids, including the Hell’s Angels HQ., the Atlanta Prison uprising, and the rescue of a mutinied oil tanker (Liberian-flagged, “Ypapanti”), in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1993, he led the raid on the Al-Qaeda bomb factory, where five terror operatives were arrested, and seized five explosive drums intended to destroy the United Nations, Federal Plaza, and the city’s tunnels.

On May 10, 1998, Mr. Scala was selected as a Supervisory Special Agent for the Gambino La Cosa Nostra Squad (C-16). During his tenure, the squad successfully investigated and prosecuted the Mob infiltration of Wall Street, the New York Waterfront investigation, “Murder Incorporated,” labor racketeering, the NY Construction Industry, dismantlement of the Gambino family in NY and Sicily, the NBA referee case, and the largest consumers’ fraud ($1 billion) in US history, which involved the mob’s infiltration of the internet, telecommunications, and banking industries.

From 2003-2008, Mr. Scala, developed and implemented the NY Office’s Leadership Development Program, which assisted relief supervisors develop excellence in leadership through mentoring, journalizing, “Best Practice” experiences, and accountability tools. The program was designed to be continuous, progressive, and measurable in assisting the FBI leaders maximize their leadership potential throughout their careers.

Throughout his 28-year career with the FBI, Mr. Scala has been the recipient of numerous commendations and awards for outstanding service, notably the FBI Shield of Bravery, as a group commendation, as the SWAT team leader of the Al-Qaeda Bomb Factory Raid, on June 3, 1993.