By Sgt. Michael Barry, NPDF Delegate

The National Police Defense Foundation had long prided itself on defending law enforcement from those who shoot or kill police officers by posting our nationally renowned Safe Cop rewards program that has successfully resulted in the capture of cop killers from East Orange, New Jersey to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida over the years.  But our defense of law enforcement doesn’t stop there.  We are proud that we have successfully represented police officers who were wrongfully charged with crimes ranging from murder to sexual assault but who were not only “NOT GUILTY” in the eyes of the law, but were factually  innocent, as a matter of fact. We have led in that arena, taking on cases that looked all but impossible to win…and we won.

Now we find ourselves saddened by the untimely death of a young, aggressive plain clothes police officer in New York City who came from a long line of police officers, and once again the clarion call to defend against a calculated verbal attack directed at law enforcement calls us to action.  Notably, this assault is not coming from Louis Farrakhan, Sharpton, “Rev.” Daughtry or any of the garden variety cop haters we hear from almost daily.  This latest attack is coming from a millionaire Hollywood elitist who makes his money filming some of the most violent movies made in cinematic history.  Quentin Tarantino, who had a cousin on the NYPD who was nearly killed in the line of duty, has viciously stood on a podium in from of enemies of law enforcement and called us “murderers” as he incited the crowd on the very day hero Police Officer Holder was being waked. Has this man no decency?

That National Police Defense Foundation, under the direction of founder and Executive Director Joseph Occhipinti, has called on everyone in law enforcement to boycott the latest film of Tarantino, “Hateful Eight” as well as his other films, which include “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill,” “ Django Unchained,” and “Inglorious Bastards.”

Unions for the NYPD, LAPD, New Jersey State Police, Philadelphia Police, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) and now the National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF) have joined in calling for a boycott of Tarantino’s famously violent films.  As law enforcement officers who are active or retired, we recognize and support Tarantino’s right to make a fool of himself, if he so wishes, but we can also make our voice heard by voting against his hateful rhetoric with our wallets. Boycott Quentin Tarantino!