In Loving Memory of Emma Robertson

In Loving Memory of Emma Robertson

By Det. John Hickey, NPDF Vice-President Emeritus



In 2007, an NPDF member, who was a New Jersey State Trooper, brought to the attention of the NPDF that his grand-daughter, the daughter of his son who was also a New Jersey State Trooper had been born with a severe brain malformation which rendered her helpless.   She could not see, hear or care for herself in any way.

The NPDF became involved and offered whatever assistance we could render to the family.  They had an immediate need for specialized transportation.  We were able to get a handi-cap equipped van which allowed for a wheelchair to transport the little girl to the multiple medical procedures and appointments necessary to keep her alive.  She was only four years old.  The family was experiencing difficult and trying times.  But their love and support sustained her.

Medical experts did not expect, given her frailty, Emma’s life to go on much longer.  The NPDF acted swiftly.  Emma needed a home renovation to accommodate her special needs, medical, sleeping, lavatory, bathing etc.  Emma needed constant care and a home environment to facilitate all that needed to be done.

With the help and support of so many others, the NPDF was able to coordinate the support and renovate the home.

A family’s life was changed and Emma survived for ten more years until God called her home on March 8th, 2018.  Her funeral was held on March 13th 2018 in Chery Hill, NJ.  It was attended by over 500 persons.   She touched many souls in her short life.


In his eulogy, for his beloved daughter, Dan Robertson mentioned the efforts of the NPDF and thanked us for helping Emma live as long as she did.

All those present shed a tear and said goodbye to this brave little girl who God had now called home.

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