A Winning Partnership.
The National Police Defense Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Qface Systems, the leader in crime prevention solutions.

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As an NPDF member, you are eligible to receive a discounted rate on Qface’s crime awareness solution used by thousands of businesses and homeowners.
Qface Systems will be donating half of the proceeds back to NPDF.

What you will receive.

 SITUATIONAL AWARENESSReceive a daily email
with the following information

  • All crimes in the past 24-48 hours that have occurred within a 5-mile radius of your home or business
  • Notification and pictures of new “Wanted Suspects” from your local police and state agencies.
  • Notification on new registered sex offenders residing within 5 miles of your home or business.
  • Notification of “Suspects at large” captured on surveillance video/pictures in your community.
  • Notification of “Missing Persons” in your community
Access to historical crime data in your city, customized alerts based on crime type, suspect, frequency, and radius.
WARN SYSTEM (Wide Area Rapid Notification)
Emergency alerts be registered businesses and local law enforcement.
Access to all crime data information for the past 6 months for your neighborhood including surveillance videos, suspect pictures, and advanced search capabilities on all crime data.
Unlimited access. Upload your surveillance videos or suspect pictures and receive anonymous tips that are sent to you and local law enforcement for investigation. Submitted videos will be broadcasted, emailed, published, and shared within specific communities outlined by the user to receive maximum views and corresponding tips.
Unlimited access to search: criminals at large captured on video, wanted suspects, sex offenders, and missing persons.

Activate your Qface Systems account & give back to NPDF.
Remember, Qface Systems will be donating half of the proceeds back to NPDF.
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