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Dear Operation Kids Supporter:

I want to take this opportunity to personally “thank you” for your recent tax-deductible donation and the
concern you showed in helping 4 year old Denny’s “Hugito” Benavides from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Little Denny has undergone extensive medical testing at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York
and our fears have been confirmed that he is suffering from a variety of life threatening ailments that will
require many surgeries in the next five years.
Initially, all I knew from the Ecuadorian doctors was Hugito had a severe case of scoliosis (acute curvature
of the spine) that was pressing on his heart.

The results of the testing were worse than I thought. I learned that Hugito was born with his ribs fused, only
one lung and his heart is on the wrong side of the body where his second lung should be. Too make things
worse, his aorta, which is the largest artery in the body, is pressing upon his trachea making it difficult to

Hugito only weighs 30 pounds from being malnourished in his country and According to the surgeons at
Montefiore Medical Center, he must put on more weight before the surgeons can perform this life saving

The doctors explained that when the surgery is performed, Hugito will lose one quarter of his body weight
and we need the added weight to build up his resistance to fight any potential infection attributed to the

In February 2007, Hugito and his mother Miriam returned to their country since their visa to be in the United
States was expiring. I plan to return to Ecuador in September and apply for another visa for them so they
can return to the United States to undergo the planned surgeries. I hope the American Consulate will be
supportive and grant him another visa.

You should be proud to know that your tax-deductible donations helped pay for his air transportation,
medical treatment, medicines, housing in the United States and Ecuador and the nourishing food needed
to put weight on Hugito.

You may recall Hugito’s mom who is a seamstress only earning $9 per day and despite the fact she works
seven days a week she didn’t have the money to go food shopping or pay for Hugito’s medical care.
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Please know that it was your generosity that turned things around for Hugito and let’s keep our fingers
crossed that the surgeries will go well and he can eventually live a normal life.

As a token of my appreciation for the love, concern and generosity you have shown Hugito, I am honored to
make you an Honorary Member of the National Police Defense Foundation. There is no dues necessary
and all you need to do is complete the membership application on the reverse side of the newsletter. I want
you to return it in the self addressed envelope and write on the application in bold letters:


I invite you to take a look at the enclosed newsletter and visit our website, that profiles the
plight of Hugito and other medical funds we have established on behalf of other critically ill children.

I hope that you realize the important mission of Operation Kids that is being performed on a daily basis by
our “volunteers” and find it in your heart to make another donation so we can continue to help Hugito and
other sick children. Since the National Police Defense Foundation is an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) non-profit
organization, your donation is 100% tax-deductible!



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